My work reflects my observations and notes about the materials or elements which surround my ordinary life, such as grass, snow, metal or shreds of paper. They construct the material world that I know and familiar with. For me, the readable quality of these elements is far more interesting than the whole body and the various meanings its been given. The elements draw me to document their ways of existence and periods of transformation.

I choose a microscopic angle to investigate the existence of the elements mainly because of my strong interest in the ‘essence of being, and it also comes from my background in printmaking.During the complicated process of making prints, I used to handle various kinds of materials: powder, liquid, oil-based and water-based etc. For me, these different materials have their own emotions and stay alive under different circumstances, leaving their unique traces. When they encounter outer forces (light, heat, water etc.), they change in form or even chemically, just like life, which is full of causes, accidents, and transformations.

In Trace series, I use small, light, and disposable materials such as post-it notes and used staples. I document their traces on paper through various ways of transfer. Currently, abstraction is the form that can speak my thought the most. By withdrawing recognizable shapes and implications, the obscure form remained leads to a direct conversation between the viewer, the material, and their traces.